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PHE-117 Handheld Electronics Enclosure


STL files for a 3D printed enclosure for battery-operated applications, with three battery compartment options: 9V, AA, or no battery compartment.


Handheld PCB enclosure for battery-operated applications.
Three product variations include:

  • No battery compartment
  • One 9V battery compartment
  • Two AA battery compartment

This plastic enclosure box contains mounting bosses for PCB boards.

STL files:

Product deliverables is a downloadable zip file including STL files and drawing images.

Learn how to edit STL Files

Enclosure screws:

The screw to be used is Thread Forming Screws 4-24 x 1/4 Phillips Pan Head or similar

Order and Terms

Before ordering please read the Orders and Downloads and the Terms of Service.


Material: ABS
Weight: 55 g approx


117× 72 × 25 mm

3D Print settings (Slicer SW)

Material: ABS
Nozzle Size: 0.4 mm
Layer Height: 0.2 mm max
Infill: 40% min
Infill Pattern: Tri-Hexagon or similar
Infill Overlap Percentage 100%
Generate support: yes

3D Print Post Processing: sanding (with sandpaper)

Battery Compartment

Without Battery Compartment, With 2AA Battery Compartment, With 9V Battery Compartment

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