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DA-107 Aerodynamic Desktop Enclosure


STL files for a 3D printed enclosure for battery-operated applications, with removable panel and PCB mounting bosses.

Aerodynamic Desktop Enclosure for PCB board with beautiful shape used for desktop application.

This plastic enclosure box contains mounting bosses for PCB boards.

STL files:

Product deliverables is a downloadable zip file including STL files and drawing images.

Learn how to edit STL Files

Enclosure screws:

The screw to be used is Thread Forming Screws 4-24 x 1/4 Phillips Pan Head or similar

Order and Terms

Before ordering please read the Orders and Downloads and the Terms of Service.


Material: ABS
Weight: 50 g approx @40% infill


100 × 76 × 35 mm

3D Print settings (Slicer SW)

Material: ABS
Nozzle Size: 0.4 mm
Layer Height: 0.2 mm max
Infill: 40% min
Infill Pattern: Tri-Hexagon or similar
Infill Overlap Percentage 100%
Generate support: yes

3D Print Post Processing: sanding (with sandpaper)

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