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Ultimaker Cura Add New 3D Printer

TRONXY XY-2 Pro Printer Settings

To add TRONXY XY-2 Pro or any other 3D Printer into Ultimaker Cura, go to add printer. Then, under Add non-networked printer, go to a custom FFF printer, and then name your printer, then click Add.

TRONXY XY-2 Pro Build Plate Shape and Heated Bed

  • In the machine settings set the correct x, y, and z sizes for your build area. For the TRONXY XY-2 Pro, it’s 255, by 255, by 260 millimeters.
  • Set the build plate shape is rectangular
  • Leave “Origin at center” as it is.

TRONXY XY-2 Pro Nozzle Size and Filament Diameter

  • Click on a heated bed selection to heat up the bed automatically.
  • Under Extruder 1, set the nozzle size for your 3d printer (e.g. 0.4mm)
  • Then set the filament diameter (e.g. 1.75)
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