Arduino IDE

The Arduino IDE is a complete development environment containing code editor, documentation and a number of examples as well as standard libraries.

Arduino Software Setup

For the development of the Arduino programs, the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) should be installed on the local computer. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Arduino website.

In addition, a USB driver must be installed and configured. This driver enables the USB port to communicate as a serial port with the FTDI chip on the Arduino board. The software is available in the archive file of the development environment and must be installed after the installation of the development environment.

Arduino Serial Port

Communication between the IDE takes place via the virtual COM port that has been set up, using the USB interface as the physical transmission medium.

  1. Connect the Arduino to the computer via a standard USB. After connection, power supply is applied to the board from the USB interface.
  2. Open the Arduino IDE. Select the Arduino board via the menu item Tools->Board.
Selecting the com port on the IDE
Selecting the com port on the IDE
  1. Select the serial port (COM port) via the menu item Tools->Port. Note that the serial port to be used only appears in the listing if the Arduino board is connected to the computer via USB cable.
Selecting the com port on the IDE
Selecting the com port on the IDE

Arduino blinking LED

For the first function test and the first executable Arduino program, various example programs are already stored in the IDE.

  1. Open the Blink program via Files->Examples->Basics. This test program controls the digital output port 13 of the Arduino (an LED is already connected on the board), blinks every second.
  2. Compile the program via the menu item Sketch->Verify/Compile.
  3. Upload the code to the Arduino’s microcontroller via Sketch->Upload into the microcontroller on the Arduino board.

Another way to compile (Verify) and upload the code is to use the symbols:

to verify and

to upload.

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