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Arduino Digital

    Arduino digital pins know only two states: HIGH voltage (1’s) and LOW voltage (0’s), where 1 corresponds to a voltage of 5 volts and 0 to a voltage of 0 volts. The signals to be read in at the digital inputs come from other digital circuits such as push-button or limit switch, or sensors with digital outputs.

    Arduino Testing

      Test Arduino code The testing of the software and hardware is carried out in several steps. During code programming, the you can check the syntax errors using the compiler directly in the Arduino IDE (using Verify button). However, this syntax error check does not give any indication of incorrect structuring or sequence of the program. Testing the correct sequence of… Read More »Arduino Testing

      Arduino Functions

        still values are passed, which are processed then within the function. These values are called “parameters”. After execution of the function, which can be a calculation, a conversion or a signal output to an output port, this “small program” is executed and the main program, which called the function, is continued.

        Arduino Sketch

          The code that runs on Arduino is usually called “Sketch”. Getting started with Arduino programming is quite easy because the structure of the Sketches is clear. The Arduino programming language is derived from C++ programming. You only need a few lines of code for your first simple projects.

          Arduino IDE

            a number of examples as well as standard libraries.

            What is Arduino Uno ?

              The Arduino Uno is the standard board of the Arduino which was introduced at the New York Maker Faire in September 2010. Arduino Uno Specifications Description Detailed data Microcontroller ATmega328P Power supply 7-12 VDC Operating voltage 5 VDC and 3.3 VDC (internally generated by voltage regulator) Digital inputs/outputs 14 (6 of them as PWM outputs) Analog inputs 6 Current per… Read More »What is Arduino Uno ?

              What is Arduino ?

                The Arduino is an open-source embedded development platform that consists of both hardware and software. The hardware part consists of a microcontroller chip and its operating circuit. It has analog and digital inputs and outputs that connect the Arduino to the physical world.