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3D Printed Enclosures

We help you accelerate your prototype development
with our 3d printed enclosures

What is Electronics Enclosure?

An electronics enclosure is the outer shell of the product that protect the electronics and provides user interaction. Its design has to be functional, attractive, ergonomic, and easy to handle.

We have a wide range of enclosure classes and series that fits all your needs: from handheld, desktop, to wall-mounts, and wearable.

Why our 3D printed enclosures?

From our experience, we noticed that the developers and makers start realizing their ideas with the electronics and forget the enclosure and leave it to the last moment, or they are even, most probably, not gifted CAD designers. The result is a very basic enclosure that is unattractive and not ergonomic.

Our solution came to provide you with very low cost 3D printable enclosures that you can just download and 3d-print for your project, or even start your development with our design and design your PCB based on our enclosure drawings.

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